Retail Lab

In November 2014, A W I N D O W  collaborated with Wallpaper Projects to open a month-long Retail Lab in the Lower East Side of Manhattan that combined the ephemeral experience of pop-up shopping with the anticipatory excitement of custom design. Part creative showroom, part design boutique, the Retail Lab showcased A W I N D O W Edition One and two walls of unique wallpaper designs from Wallpaper Projects.

The Retail Lab also functioned as a pop-up art gallery, hosting “Ephemeral Exhibitions” throughout the month with artists and designers whose practice explores fashion as a narrative force.

These exhibitions, which lasted only the length of a single day and night, included Dean Sidaway’s LAND collection and Jennifer Minniti and Beverly Semmes’s CarWash Collective collection. 

The artist Álvaro “Mosco” Alcocer also created a mural for the front gate that lasted the whole month of the Lab and beyond. 

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