Illustration by Helen Bullock

“It is said that in antiquity a window was created not to let light in a room but to reduce the field of observation to a detail and thus concentrate the gaze. This kind of frame both limited the perspective and created it in the first place”. Fresh Widow: The Window in Art since Matisse and Duchamp.

A W I N D O W is a creative studio based in NYC which aims to find new and unique ways of creating, presenting and consuming design and art.

The first project of the studio consisted of traveling, sculptural design objects that resembled storefront window displays and positioned them in off set environments as exhibits and experiences. “The gallery/store as a design object”. Each of these unique sculptural objects act as a filter showcasing collections of bespoke art, fashion and design objects that collectively explore an idea and are carefully created in collaboration with artists and designers who are at the forefront of the art and design worlds.

The objects inside each edition are available for purchase individually as well as the whole edition object, allowing the exhibit to be collected in its entirety as a collector’s item.

The studio also curates and organizes projects with close collaborators where the same principle of finding new ways in design and art is explored.

It also publishes Artist Books, printed objects and publications that follow the same line of inquiry and blend art and design. 

Founders Mariana Vidal-Escabi and Diego Cristancho believe that good design needs time to develop, but also needs time to be appreciated. It’s easy to lose the excitement of discovering new ideas, objects and artists in an oversaturated and hyper-connected market. Mariana is a designer and artist with a background in fashion, textiles, concept and color design, printmaking and education and is the Creative Director of this project, while Diego is a digital marketing executive whose business acumen and digital prowess has been invaluable to the project. 

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