Collage Camouflage Stationary

Stationary by Mariana Vidal-Escabi.

Handmade collage on 100% cotton, eco friendly, textured white envelopes with copper foil tape, gold and silver tape and black painter's tape.
5 1/4" x 7 1/4"

Box of 5 envelopes + 5 cards

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Part of the series "Collage Camouflage"- a special set of stationery where envelopes and cards were deconstructed only to be collaged again onto them selves in an attempt to hide traces of “collage”- STATIONARY STATIONERY is an Artist Edition: Multiples published by Hotel Particulier. Collage was used by the surrealists because it allowed for the creation of uncanny scenarios. For the edition with Hotel Particulier, the stationery of the old famed HOTEL LETOH was used to create a special version of this object. A stationary that creates a certain derangement of your senses, where the traditional order of language, of the written word, is lost in translation.

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