Edition One

For the first edition of  A W I N D O W titled “Subtleties and Nuances”, we wanted to explore the power of quiet beauty and understated elegance. That sense of unspoken mystery that suddenly makes the unattainable overwhelmingly desirable. The way a double take or the need for participation makes a message, an experience, even an object more powerful.

We live in a world where anything can be right at our fingertips the moment we want it. While this has made so much of life more convenient, it has also made it easy to see everything as disposable. Things become too easy to replace and suddenly objects lose any sense of intimacy or excitement. It’s easy to drown in the forgettable, the factory-made and easily replaceable, and forget how it feels to be surprised by something special.

Photos by Alastair Strong

Referencing camouflage, reflection and trompe l’oiel, this collection is inspired by glimpses, hidden shadows and objects that speak louder because they force you to listen. Nothing here is easy to pass by or easy to replace. We played with the idea of juxtaposition of intimacy and surprise – Each piece in the collection was carefully chosen to become an integral part of the design of the object, appearing frozen mid-fall at first glance but on closer inspection these pieces were woven in an intricate grid inside a perforated Plexiglas box.

Photos by Sebastián Pinzón Silva

Edition one was launched in summer 2014 with a residency at the gallery Hotel Particulier in NYC. The edition was created by Mariana Vidal-Escabi and collaborators include architect and artist  Ana Peñalba, fashion designers Neil Gilks, Daniel Reynolds and Quoc Lieu, accessories designer Wes Carnes and contemporary jewelry artist Dean Sidaway. The digital experience was designed and implemented by Brad Mallow.

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