Portraits of Self Portraits

Portraits of Self Portraits is an artist flip (look)book about the project “(self)portraits or the symbols we wear to protect our hearts” by Mariana Vidal-Escabi showing some of her “Self-Neckline Portraits” silk scarves made in her studio A W I N D O W with photographs by François Dischinger. “Neckline Portraits” come from the idea that any specific symbol placed on the neck and chest is there to protect the wearer. Inspired by the ancient Zapotec culture’s custom to place specific symbols on the chest areas of clothing because they believe these symbols protect the wearer’s heart. These “self-neckline portraits” by Vidal Escabi are printed on upcycled, vintage silk square scarves using a technique called “pigment discharge”. In this process there’s always an element of chance that is predominant because when the image of the portrait is printed on the silk scarf with a mix of pigment color and a décolorant substance, this mix reacts with the original colors of the scarf making the result always uncertain and usually surprising.
Worn draped on the shoulders over the chest, they act as an armor. This flip (look)book shows some of these self neckline portraits worn by the artist and blowing freely in the wind on a beautiful late Summer afternoon in NYC in 2020.

Edition of 20, numbered, 2021.


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